Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Power Rankings: After 15 Races

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.-The picture tells the story, after breaking a 143 race winless streak, Jr. seems to be on track to win his first Sprint Cup Championship. 12 top ten finishes in 2012, average finish of just over 7. Point Standings:2

2. Matt Kenseth- An uneventful, quite top five from a strong team. Look for more wins from #17 Point Standings:1

3.Jimmie Johnson- Finished fifth, with a strong car. Same story as Kenseth, a quite top five, but hey whose wasn't with Dale Jr. winning. Point Standings: 4 

4. Greg Biffle- Looking good, and hey he was excited that Jr. got back to Victory Lane. #16 team is top five team for sure. Point Standings:3 

5.Tony Stewart- Even the grinch couldn't steal Jr.'s win. Wasn't at all happy finishing second. Another strong performance from a team looking for consistency. Point Standings: 8  

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